Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am Strong!

Well As I said in my last Blog, My hubby was cooking chicken. He made rice, with veggies and a form of veggie broth and put chicken in it. I ate the meal but kept chicken from my bowl. So I am 5 days w/o meat.
This morning I had to work at 8am, and I was starving, I stopped at subway and got a foot long veggie delight. I even got avocado. I always wondered what the veggie sub was like, I usually got the ham or chicken one. It was so yummy. And I am happy for standing my ground. The subway guy was a vegetarian as well, although he asked me alot of questions about what I'm doing. He said he has never eaten meat and was over weight. But he did other thing like drink sodas and ate other bad processed things. He said he gave up soda and walks 4 miles a day and lost weight easily. Well I don't drink soda any more and I'm changing the meat thing. If I stay focused I can do it. I should however think of walking some or getting some exercise.

Friday, August 24, 2012

campbells sneaks in meat.

Today was good. I got my car vacuumed and cleaned out. I got laundry washed and folded. I enjoyed a Slurpee. And I have been meatless for 4 days now (with the exception of Campbell's soups having chicken broth in them) Another soup today was a veggie soup and it also had chicken broth in it. I shook my head and thought Well I can't waste money and throw this out, so I ate it. It didn't even taste good.
Last night we had Spaghetti w/o meat. I used canned sauce but added real garlic and some spices. It was yummy and the whole family enjoyed it.  Tonight is a meat night. I left the cooking to the hubby and told him there is chicken thawing and broccoli and noodles. I wonder what he will come up as a meal. I'm still debating about eating the chicken though. I'm doing so well w/o eating meat.
I guess y'all will find out tomorrow what I choose.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Well it's my 3rd day being a "vegetarian." The last 2 days were interesting. I made a pasta pizza salad which was pretty yummy. And last night I made a barley sweet potato dinner and that wasn't so yummy. With every recipe you learn whats good and what's not, what your family enjoys and what they don't. And this wasn't the best recipe. Tonight we will have something a bit normal. Spaghetti. Of course I'm making it meatless. I just have to see what other things I should add or just make it like I normally do w/o the meat. 
I feel about the same as I did before, except I am really conscious of what I eat. I haven't had a soda yet and I've drank 2 cups of tea and mostly water since I started this.I do have to say though Campbells 100% natural soups are good, especially the butter nut squash, I could eat that for days and be happy. I must stock up on the soup.
My daughter seems to be okay with it, although some of the veggies she hasn't been eating. I've been trying to cut them up really small so she gets some of them. My husband is doing good. I think he really doesn't care for the food to much, but I think he's putting up with it b/c I am giving it 100%. I know our family will eventually benefit from this, it's just these beginning moments that are hard. I'm trying to provide us with alot of snack options, but also trying to not go over our budget.
I do find the bill to be cheaper when I just buy veggies and not any meats.
Last night Darrell asked me if I am not eating eggs or dairy and I told him I am still eating both. And I'm trying to do 1 step at a time. I don't know if I'll ever drop either of those or one day maybe I will. Although I think it's hard to enjoy breads or cakes w/o either. And I love Cheese (but I also said I could never go vegertarian b/c I liked the flavor of meats. But here I am not eating meat.)
I'm just focusing on not eating meats and leaving the rest there. Although I will still eat fish, just b/c I have read you need every once in a while b12 and your body will store it, if you are deficient on b12, then you can have serious health concerns. And I actually don't mind eating fish, b/c it's so healthy. But again 1 day at a time (or I should say 1 week at a time, since I buy weekly groceries and plan my meals as such.)

Monday, August 20, 2012


In the past few years I have heard alot about what's "good" for you and what's "not". I've also learned that everyone becomes and expert and thinks their way is better or healthier. You can go extreme either way. Heck when I was in my twenties there was a diet of just eating tuna for 2 weeks, not that it is at all healthy to just eat one thing straight for 2 weeks. Fab Diets and weighloss tricks. I've actually though a second about alot of them, I'm sure you have heard of some of them.
I watched a show where a guy just juiced for 2 months and that's all he drank and ate nothing. I think that's a bit extreme. I want to be healthy and going on a fast for that long would probably drive me insane.

I recently watched "Forks Over Knives" And after I felt a bit sick to my stomach. I am a regular meat eater, although our family tends to eat more chicken then any other meats. I have decided to try to remove meat from my diet and focus on healthier fruits and veggies and focus on whole foods. Now I know this way of living will not be an easy one. And I am not going to just jump into it. I'll take day by day and week by week. I also don't want to quit eating meat cold turkey. I will do it gradually.

Last night I spent a few hrs researching and I also bought a few vegetarian cookbooks from a used book store. I planned a weeks worth of groceries and made it so we had 2 days with meat and the rest with out. I am trying my best to keep away fom meat. I am also trying to stay away from GMO (genetic modified organism ), high fructose corn syrup, and get as much un-enriched items and stick with whole wheat type of things. I debated whether to buy cows milk ( even if it's organic) or going with a soy based milk (like silk) My daughter loves cereal in the morning and Since I'm going to use tofu in some things, I didn't want to go overboard with the soy products. Although it may help with my PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome ) I don't want to cause any harm to myself, so everything in moderation.

Today I started rushing my daughter and I to the store. There was nothing to eat in the house and I know if I go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, I will, like most, over spend and buy way to much. So we went to Sam's club and I got us both a pretzel and we walked around ( i know a pretzel isn't the best first meal of the day, but I didn't have very many options.) We bought some veggies (i didn't want to over due it at Sams, b/c my bill couldn't be to high. And it can get high fast with just a few items.) Then we went to Walmart. Not the best place to buy fresh produce, but until I research where else to go in this area. it's where I'm going. I got alot of veggies and followed my meal plans.
Once I got home, my daughter and I had some soup, which I thought was completely meatless, it was a veggie soup that after reading the ingredients, there was chicken fat in. So I know next time to spend more time reading ingredients. But I wasn't going to waste a soup I paid good money for and my daughter and I split a can and I also cut up a few carrots and cucumbers. I also enjoyed a tea w/o sugar. That's going to get some getting used to. I did some of my house work and  a few hrs later I was heading to work. I stopped before arriving at Food Lion and bought a box of Triscuits and a thing of mixed nuts. I snacked on those some.
I think i had a good day to start. Dinner will be one of out meat days, since my hubby is cooking and probably doesn't have any of my recipes I was planning. So he will cook the last bag of veggie/chicken/garlic.