Saturday, November 19, 2011

headaches again

Some days I wonder why I even get up. The day was going fine, for us I suppose. Bored out of my mind and Isabelle feeling well antsy, we went to barnes and nobles. I was very happy with how she listened to me, no arguments or meltdowns. There were many people there and she lisened very well. She played with a few kids, shared nicely and when I said let's go, she said bye and we went. I don't think Barnes and Nobles has a very big selection really. The last few days I was dying to go there by myself and buy a cup of coffee and lose myself in a book. But it never seems to happen. Then my headache started and now it's about a 6 on the pain scale, with nausea and I should go lay down with ice and get some sleep. But I really don't want to sleep. I don't want to deal with tomorrow and work. The worst part is i finished reading my book, only good thing is there are 3 more sequals after, but I have to find which library the next book is and rent it.
I guess I better stop my whining and jsut go to bed, although with darrell, aaron and isabelle all making noise in the livingroom, I don't know if I'll even fall asleep.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Headaches and more

Well the past few days I have been sick, then a massive headache stopped me in my tracks. I didn't do school for 2 days. I feel terrible that nothing is getting accomplished. My neck was so tight, my hubby had to massage it for a while, just to help loosen up the muscles. Of course during the night it got worse, and I had a terrible nightmare on top of it. This morning I found out out paychecks were in our account a day early (b/c of the holiday) And I called my Chiropracter for an appointment. I then went back to bed, b/c I seriously thought I was going to vomit (sorry if TMI) I made my way to the chiro, got adjusted and felt a bit better. We had lunch and even though my head still hurt, I kept going. I need to return library items, go grocery shopping (which I didn't even make a list, b/c of how I felt before) And went to 2 stores, Food lion and sams club. I had to buy enough food for 2 weeks and I think I did it, or close enough. By the time I got home, Darrell was home not feeling good ( He had a massive sinus headache and went to bed) I got the groceries put away and went straight to work. I think I will go to bed early and hopefully feel better in the Am. Oh and we cancelled Netflix today and blockbuster ( a monthly payment and we could rent whatever for as long as we wanted) And with the two of those gone, we can get an hd box from timewarner. So we decided to do it.