Thursday, April 14, 2016

Time to dust off Blogger

It's been a while, hasn't it?!?! Life kinda went crazy and I forgot all about my wonder blog. Let's see, since I've been gone (SINGING "Since you've been gone...." ) (Yes the song popped in my head.) We bought a house, I had another baby girl, her name is Kaitlyn. She's currently 16 months old.

 I'm not working anywhere and blessed to be able to stay home with her and run my older daughter to and from school and gymnastics practices and meets. But that is soon to change as schools almost out for summer and Isabelle is going to give up gymnastics for dance.

My oldest daughter decided to make a YouTube channel and vlog about her life. Of course I am roped in to help edit this adventure and monitor for content and safety (you never know what can happen in this crazy world) If you'd like to see her channel and maybe subscribe, click this link, I know she would be thrilled to have more people watching and commenting.

I am about the same, except I'm trying to focus more on my creative side, writing short stories and other creative things. I've also been trying to read more, not just fiction book that I love but also resources on writing. I have been thinking of doing some writing classes at the local college, just so I can get some feedback from a somewhat professional critic. And build up my confidence. As someone who hasn't written much or had much feedback, I really don't know how poor or well I am at writing, also way to improve. As with any endeavor to pursue, there is a learning process to get past. That's what I keep telling my daughter about her YouTube page, you have to keep learning how to make it better.

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