Friday, June 14, 2013

Gymnastics 1

Yesterday was my daughter last day of recreational gymnastics. Monday she starts teams. When she tried out this year, we were told that she wasn't mentally ready for competitive teams, but was ready for "elite" teams, which is a non-qualifying teams that go to fun meets and "compete" At first my husband and I were upset that she didn't make the competitive teams, but then again we have time. I don't expect my child to join the Olympic teams any time soon. Plus this will give us time to learn how teams work and give her a window to what is expected of her.

On a good note, My daughter finally got her Pull Over. It's been a hard element to conquer. Now if your like me and have no clue about the elements of gymnastics, what a pull over is you have your hands on a bar and you have to pull your chest to the bar while you swing your legs in front of you and pull them around that bar. Eventually the rest of your body is pulled up on top of the bar and your arms have to be strong to hold yourself up. It takes alot of upper body strength to do a pull over.
I'm going to work on posting videos of her doing these elements so you can actually see what they are.

On my last post I said my daughter was currently on lv 2 on all forms except beam (she was lv 3) After this last evaluations, she is currently lv 3 on every form except bars (she has 2 things she has to get before moving to lv 3) I don't know if when she's on a team if they evaluate her or if we get paperwork with those evaluations. 

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