Saturday, August 25, 2012

I am Strong!

Well As I said in my last Blog, My hubby was cooking chicken. He made rice, with veggies and a form of veggie broth and put chicken in it. I ate the meal but kept chicken from my bowl. So I am 5 days w/o meat.
This morning I had to work at 8am, and I was starving, I stopped at subway and got a foot long veggie delight. I even got avocado. I always wondered what the veggie sub was like, I usually got the ham or chicken one. It was so yummy. And I am happy for standing my ground. The subway guy was a vegetarian as well, although he asked me alot of questions about what I'm doing. He said he has never eaten meat and was over weight. But he did other thing like drink sodas and ate other bad processed things. He said he gave up soda and walks 4 miles a day and lost weight easily. Well I don't drink soda any more and I'm changing the meat thing. If I stay focused I can do it. I should however think of walking some or getting some exercise.

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