Friday, August 24, 2012

campbells sneaks in meat.

Today was good. I got my car vacuumed and cleaned out. I got laundry washed and folded. I enjoyed a Slurpee. And I have been meatless for 4 days now (with the exception of Campbell's soups having chicken broth in them) Another soup today was a veggie soup and it also had chicken broth in it. I shook my head and thought Well I can't waste money and throw this out, so I ate it. It didn't even taste good.
Last night we had Spaghetti w/o meat. I used canned sauce but added real garlic and some spices. It was yummy and the whole family enjoyed it.  Tonight is a meat night. I left the cooking to the hubby and told him there is chicken thawing and broccoli and noodles. I wonder what he will come up as a meal. I'm still debating about eating the chicken though. I'm doing so well w/o eating meat.
I guess y'all will find out tomorrow what I choose.

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