Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's been a while hasn't it.

I haven't been able to Blog or do much on the computer. I have a good reason why, no computer. I've been on my Facebook and YouTube from my phone and that's fine. I go through moments when I am very frustrated because my phone will not work, or I can't do things on my phone, I need a computer at that point.
I also have stopped all work on any manuscripts or stories. I suppose I could write them down. Searching for ideas or doing research on topics is hard with out a computer. Back before computers, writing a story was a task. I could go to the library and get books and research that way, but it's hard with a 5 year old in tow.
Sometimes I think, we need other things before this, like a bed. Okay enough whining about not having a computer.

We recently moved (again) to a 3 bedroom house. It's very nice to have the space, but I find we really didn't look as hard as we could of. This place is older. It has older bathrooms and the kitchen is outdated. Although newer appliances are nice, the fridge freezes everything, no matter what setting you have it on. No Dishwasher or garbage disposal, looks like I'll be doing dishes by hand for now. There are a few quirks to the place ( being that it was build in the early 60s I believe) The place seems to of been rented out to some people who didn't take care of it, then the owner did some work on it. The floors are nice, no carpet. The bedrooms are big and give you alot of space. The windows are probably what the house was built with and most don't open. We also learned the heating of this place is by propane that is in a tank and when it's empty, it costs over 900 to fill. We maybe very cold this winter. Now I know why we have a million blankets, God knew we would need them. The yard is very nice. Isabelle enjoys going out and playing. Neighbors are the best of this location. They are extremely nice and I haven't had neighbors this nice ever. One offered to cut out grass, since we haven't bought a lawn mower yet. All in all, it's an alright place for the price.

Good books. Well I have read The Hunger Games, like most of yall and I saw the movie, it was good, some changes but I thought it was good.
Other good books that I couldn't put down.. Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. That was a good book and the other books that followed it were good as well.
Withered by Lauren DeStefano was alright. I do want to read The Other Life by Ellen Meister. And A Touch of Power " by Maria V. Snyder.

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