Saturday, November 19, 2011

headaches again

Some days I wonder why I even get up. The day was going fine, for us I suppose. Bored out of my mind and Isabelle feeling well antsy, we went to barnes and nobles. I was very happy with how she listened to me, no arguments or meltdowns. There were many people there and she lisened very well. She played with a few kids, shared nicely and when I said let's go, she said bye and we went. I don't think Barnes and Nobles has a very big selection really. The last few days I was dying to go there by myself and buy a cup of coffee and lose myself in a book. But it never seems to happen. Then my headache started and now it's about a 6 on the pain scale, with nausea and I should go lay down with ice and get some sleep. But I really don't want to sleep. I don't want to deal with tomorrow and work. The worst part is i finished reading my book, only good thing is there are 3 more sequals after, but I have to find which library the next book is and rent it.
I guess I better stop my whining and jsut go to bed, although with darrell, aaron and isabelle all making noise in the livingroom, I don't know if I'll even fall asleep.

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