Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book writing

I started writing a book, just to remain creative. I have started writing stories in the past and never got far. I know I have a creative mind, but sometimes I read what I wrote and it sounds so stupid and simple minded. I remember alot of the rules from English class, but we never had a writing class in my school. I suppose if I wanted I could take a writing class at a local collage, but that costs so much $. I need to expand my vocabulary, so I'm going to spend time having word of the day and learning the definitions. I also need to work on describing the scenes. What does the room look like, what does the character see. So I paint the picture I see in my head. That's probably the hardest thing. I've very good at making story lines and background. Even the personality of the character comes easy for me.
So far I have an into on this story. I have a beginning and each chapter has a point to make. I was told to draw out the house and the room layouts, so I can describe them. I can see what each character looks like. But sometimes I feel like if people read the story, they will think of it as amateur and yes this is her first time writing, but you can see that. I don't want that at all. I know once I finish writing the story and edit it, I'm sure I will feel more confident, but bad comments will really bring me crumbling down. Which will make me think if I even want to publish this work. But for now since that is so far in the future, I'm just going to focus on getting the story out and have fun making scenes.