Friday, May 7, 2010

Bible Reading Gen 1-3

This is my 1st Blog on this site, and I kinda like it already.

I have chosen to read the Bible in a yr, and found a neat site that gives u a nice layout to do so. I read the 1st part of it today. Gen. 1-3.

It was about the Earth being created and man. And how our sinful nature happened and we disobeyed God. It doesn't matter that we were deceived by a serpent. It just matteres that we didn't follow Gods instructions. God made us to have free will so he knows if we love him it is our choice. So that is why we have free will. To Choose to listen to a serpent and sin. So man was kicked from the Garden and forced to work and women to bear children. And all the pain in this world ( death, disease, hard work, sin) is only caused by our sinful nature.
Now some people might ask, why would God not help us more, Isn't he merciful? Well yes God is Merciful. God cannot sin. But He did the best thing for us He could do. He sent His Son for our sins. Now again it's our Free choice to choose to believe in His Son and accept that we are sinful and give our lives to Jesus and accept the holy spirit into ourselves. Ask Jesus to wash our sins away so he can be the mediator to God. B/c W/o the mediator, we cannot directly talk to God. For we are sinful and need to be cleaned.

How do u have a child who is covered with mud hug a mom who is wearing white but cannot get dirty. U need something to clean the child 1st. And Jesus is the soap.

I don't blame Adam or Eve for our downfall, b/c it's in our nature.